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Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Group? (This program meets year around)


Through a sequence of open and honest groups with other young women/men who share similar interest and experiences, the attendees will learn how to embrace their physical qualities, understand the importance of staying active in various settings. The group will consist of 10 to 15 young adults ages 8-17. This group meets twice a month (with activities and volunteering periodically) each group will open and close with a participant reading an empowering affirmation.  A quarterly newsletter will be sent to parents with upcoming events and updates.



1.       Provide a safe and positive atmosphere for young adults to spend with their peers.

2.        Provide participants with lifelong critical thinking skills needed to assess and understand why or how to set accomplishable goals

3.       Provide activities that will enhance the lives of the young ladies whom attend the groups.

4.       Inspire participants to pursue their dreams and foster the development of prolific and inspiring future community leaders.


To empower our country's female/male leaders by helping to strengthen what's on the inside as well as the outside.


·         Leadership

·         Community Engagement

·         Volunteerism

·         Confidence

·         Financial literacy

·         Wellness

·         Healthy self-esteem

·         Coping with change

·         Communication



For enrollment, please complete the registration form below. 
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