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Brighter Within, Inc. FAQ

1. I can I help Brighter Within, Inc.?


  • Volunteer
  • “Like” us on Facebook
  • Host a Fundraising event for Brighter Within, Inc.
  • Refer girls/boys to our programs


2. How do I make a referral?
Simply email us at
3. How can I get involved with Brighter Within, Inc.?


Visit our “Get Involved Page” for more information on how to make a difference.
4. I’m trying to make a donation to your organization, but I can’t find your address on the website. What do I do?


Due to the nature of some of the clients in which we work with, we cannot display Brighter Within, Inc. address online, including on our website. If you do not feel comfortable making an online donation, please contact Tasheena Womack, Chief Executive Director, at (860) 580-9511 or for more information to schedule an appointment.
5. Can I visit the agency?
Yes, contact our office at (860) 580-9511 to schedule an appointment.
6. I would like to donate a portion of my company’s profits to Brighter Within, Inc. How do I set that up?
For more information on how you can develop a partnership with Brighter Within, Inc. please contact Tasheena Womack, Chief Executive Director, at (860) 580-9511 or
7. How do I request a speaker? Can someone from Brighter Within, Inc. travel to my event?


If you are interested in having a Brighter Within, Inc. representative attend your event, please fill out Brighter Within, Inc. “Community Education” form , and a member of our Volunteer staff will contact you to discuss availability. Please allow two weeks for your request to be processed.
8. As a parent, how can I get my child involved in your programs?
Contact Tasheena at (860) 580-9511 or to request a registration form.
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